February 7, 2018 ~ 1 min read

Writing More Personally

My goal when I write these posts is selfish. I write to help myself think about ideas. To think clearly, and document these thoughts. If it helps someone else great, but this is a byproduct, not the goal.

Too often I think I end up writing for other people. I come up with ideas and present them as a prescription. But nothing I type is meant to come across as a prescription. So lately I've been trying to get back to the basics. Share my own stories and what I'm working on.

Oddly I think this kind of personal writing becomes much more valuable for others in the long-term.

Maxi Ferreira

Hi, I'm Taylor . I'm a software engineer/maker/amateur chef currently living in San Francisco. You can follow me on Twitter , see some of my work on GitHub , or read about my life on Substack .