January 9, 2018 ~ 2 min read


Why did I start a blog? Why write everyday?

Why go to college? Why get a job?

Too often I think we focus on how rather than the why. It's important. I love thinking about tactics. How to increase my chances of getting the job I want. How to structure my workout in the gym.

But without the why, it's irrelevant. Sometimes we have a why, but we don't really believe it. Other times we've never even bothered to ask why. The reason I often question the value of college is not to convince people to not go to college, but to convince them to truly examine the why. "Because everyone else is doing it" is rarely a good reason. All too often we lose motivation half-way through the how, because we no longer believe our why.

When we truly believe the why, we'll figure out the how. When we don't have the why, the how becomes incredibly painful.

So back to the original question. Why am I writing everyday on a blog ~0 people are going to read?

  • To think more clearly
  • To create something every day
  • To reflect, and bring more joy and positivity in the world

It's not an instant solution, but it helps. I'm still scared to commit to writing everyday, because I'm pretty sure I'll fail.

So what's your why? Write it down. Question it. Return to it when you're struggling.

Maxi Ferreira

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