January 25, 2018 ~ 2 min read

Following Your Curiousity

Last night, on a complete whim, I realized I wanted to dig deeper into blockchain technology. With no homework that really needed to get done, I decided to indulge myself and explore the rabbithole for the rest of the night.

A few resources I've found helpful so far:

Honestly I have no idea if I'll actually continue exploring these technologies long enough to fully grasp them, or use them to create anything meaningful. But I had a ton of fun doing. I felt way outside my comfort zone, and if you're not a developer, you will likely feel even further outside your comfort zone.

Understanding the implications of blockchains is really hard. They are a massive idea, and still early in the hype cycle. In the same way that not many people really understood what the core usecases of the internet would be in 1990, I think most people, even those working closely with this technology have no idea how (or if) this technology will be used in 10 years.

But regardless of if this curiousity continues, the night spend going down rabbitholes was totally worth it. As we age, I think it becomes easier to box ourself into certain activities or subjects. This robs us from the joy of being a beginner. From learning super quickly because we don't know anything.

I don't know. Maybe I'll explore too many different areas by following curiousity and never get anywhere. Maybe I am just following the hype. But I do know I'm having fun doing it :).

Maxi Ferreira

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