January 8, 2018 ~ 1 min read


How many things do you do every single day? Over the past year?

For me, it's practically nothing. I can't even say I've brushed my teeth every day over the past year. It's pretty much only eating, sleeping, and breathing. Things that humans have to do to stay alive.

In some ways, that's incredible. I am lucky to have so much variety in my life. But imagine if you could commit to practicing one skill every single day. No days off, no excuses. Even 10 minutes. And that's the beautiful thing about consistency, anyone can do it. Anyone can commit to writing a blog post every day or daily meditation.

But consistency is really tough. We all miss days, except those of us that don't. If you can be the 1% in consistency, even if you are the 50% of natural talent you will excel. We have a natural bias to overestimate short-term gains and underestimate long-term games. What small sacrifice or commitment can you make now that will pay dividends in the future?

Maxi Ferreira

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