January 27, 2018 ~ 2 min read

A Spark

The past few weeks I've been thinking a lot about what to work on next. I was having trouble coming up with good ideas. I was struggling a bit. It was nice taking lots of time to read, relax, and enjoy life...but I missed the feeling of getting up every morning to work on something I truly cared about.

Last night I found a spark.

I went from struggling with no ideas to focused and excited in an instant. All it takes is a spark.

Truth be told, I honestly have no idea if my idea is any good. I have no idea where it will take me. I might not even finish it.

But I'm excited about it, I think it can help others, and I know I'm capable of making it.

Here's the problem I'm trying to solve: Many kids jump straight into college without knowing what they want to do. This often leads to a mountain of student debt and leaving college with a major that you don't really care about. I have felt the pain of taking classes I didn't care about because I chose the wrong major and it was too late to quit and I want to help others avoid the same mistake.

Solution: Take a gap year. My idea for this project is to build a crowdsourced database of gap year programs and provide an easy way to search through this list of gap year ideas and find something that fits your own unique interests and constraints. There are a few existing websites that do this to some extent, but most of them are garbage.

A mockup of the idea I made today is shown below. It's still very rough, and there's so much I'd like to add in the future, but it's a start. If you have any feedback, thoughts, feelings, ideas (really anything) PLEASE don't hesitate to reach out to me (twm013@bucknell.edu).


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