January 17, 2018 ~ 1 min read


The excuse "I don't have time" can really be translated as "It's not my priority". We can make time for almost anything if we care enough about it

Saying "It's not my priority" forces us to be honest with our selves. When you tell yourself "I didn't have time", you are lying to yourself.

Right now, my own health and happiness is my number one priority. When I am explicit about this, it removes all of the common excuses I could tell myself for why I didn't meditate or go to the gym. If we then find ourselves saying "because I didn't want to" that's actually a much more helpful insight than "not having enough time". We can take action and find ways to make these activities more fun while still achieving similar benefits.

It's time to move past "I don't have time". What other lies do you tell yourself that obscure the truth?

Maxi Ferreira

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