January 11, 2018 ~ 1 min read

Framing Is Everything

When I was interviewing for software engineering roles this fall, I always found it fascinating hearing peoples responses to the companies I was excited about.

"Airbnb is basically just a hotel booking site, what's so great about working there?". "Isn't Lyft basically just a taxi service?"

While others shared my excitement: "Oh my goodness, I bet working at Airbnb would be incredible!"

That's when I realized that framing really is everything. Running track is just running around in a circle. Programming is typing nonsense on a keyboard. Cooking is just moving food around and applying heat occasionally

Or it's a test of our will to push ourselves to run faster than we thought possible. It's this same typing that changing the world for billions of people while we speak. Cooking is my daily therapy that brings people together in incredible ways.

Framing is everything and everywhere. It's not always the choices that you make that determine the excitement in your life, but rather the way you view them. Which life will you choose?

Maxi Ferreira

Hi, I'm Taylor . I'm a software engineer/maker/amateur chef currently living in San Francisco. You can follow me on Twitter , see some of my work on GitHub , or read about my life on Substack .